A collection of monad tutorials and a few other miscellaneous things.

Here are some links I have been collecting on the topic of monads. I have not read all of them, only have I skim read the first bits. The first article explains some issues people present when they give their perspective on how monads should be best understood.


Here is jamiely’s haskell-draughts repo. I am working on a checkers game too and was referencing this.

Here is an example of move checking in checkers;

More on monads;

I also need to learn how to parse strings (commands) in Haskell

this looks neat too, a course on Haskell http://shuklan.com/haskell/

I think one of the more on monad links has a link to an appendix of monad tutorials too which could make an alright read. Some of the tutorials I have posted here come from it actually.

It seems like a fair background in mathematics is required to really get much out of monads however.

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